tobacco blends for cigarette making

Tobacco Blends for Cigarette Making

Selecting the Right Blend of Tobacco is the First Step in Cigarette Making

Our Professionals use their Experience and knowledge to carefully pick the Blend of different Tobacco types (such as Virginia Tobacco, Burley Tobacco, and Oriental Tobacco) and Leaf Grades used in Cigarette Brands. The Tobaccos are selected to maintain the Consistency and Distinctive character of each Brand.

Tobacco which is the main Ingredient in all of our Cigarettes, other Ingredients also added in many of our Brands. Some Ingredients, such as Humectants, help maintain the Moisture and pliability of the Tobacco Leaf. Others contribute to the Taste and Aroma of the Tobacco Leaf Smoke.

After the Tobaccos are Blended together, the Tobacco Blend is Finely cut before it passes through a Drying Cylinder to reduce Moisture. When the Moisture is at an Optimal Level, the Blend is ready for Cigarette Manufacturing.