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We are Leading Cigarette Manufacturer in Tobacco Industry.


Gulf Tobacco is a Well-Known Cigarette Company that is currently developing into a respectable Manufacturer, Exporter, Distributor and Wholesaler of High Quality Cigarettes. Gulf Tobacco is Manufacturing and Exporting its Own Cigarette Brands and also working on Exports and Distribution of other Cigarette Companies Famous Brands. Our company records Steady Sales Growth, which only Signifies the Popularity of its Products as an Understanding the needs of consumers.

Selecting the Right Blend of Tobacco is the First Step in Cigarette Making

Our Professionals use their Experience and knowledge to carefully pick the Blend of different Tobacco types (such as Virginia Tobacco, Burley Tobacco, and Oriental Tobacco) and Leaf Grades used in Cigarette Brands. The Tobaccos are selected to maintain the Consistency and Distinctive character of each Brand.


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Cut Tobacco – Primary Processing

The Perfect Blend of Quality and Consistency


Tobacco Blending is a Skillful Process that starts with Buying and combining exactly the right mix of Grades – getting that right is the only way to achieve the particular Taste and Quality of Cigarette Brands.

Flavors are also added in Tobacco – this could be certain ‘Top Notes’ or something a little Stronger that includes Ingredients such as Menthol or Carob bean. The use and Quantity of Flavorings may also vary according to regional preferences.

Cigarette Making – Secondary Processing

Cigarette Manufacturing is a Fast-Paced, Highly Automated Process


The Process begins by creating one Long Cigarette, called a ‘Rod.’ To produce the Rod, a Spool of Cigarette Paper up 7,000 Meters Long is Unrolled and a Line of Tobacco is placed on it. The Cigarette Paper is then wrapped around the Tobacco, forming the Rod.

Machines Slice the Super-Sized Rod into Shorter Pieces, Inserting Filters at both Ends. The Filters are then connected with ‘Tipping Paper’, the Paper Consumers see Wrapped around the Filter Tip of a Cigarette. Each shorter Rod is then cut in Half, Producing Two Filtered Cigarettes. The Manufacturing Quality of cigarette is checked at three different Stages.

CIGARETTE PACKING Secondary Processing

Individual Cigarettes are Sorted into Pack-Sized Groups and Wrapped in Foil to Preserve their Freshness.

The Pack itself is assembled around the Cigarettes. The Finished Pack is then wrapped with Protective Film, which also serves to preserve the Cigarettes’ Aroma and Freshness. The Packs are placed in Cartons or wrapped and placed into a Master Case for Shipment.


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Quality Standards


The Highest level of Quality Control and Testing is built into each and every step of Manufacturing. Only Tobacco that meets our Stringent Quality Benchmark is allowed to proceed to the Manufacturing line. A rigorous Three-Step quality assurance model is in place to minutely check our process.

FIRSTLY, each element of a Cigarette is automatically monitored by the Manufacturing line for optimal quality values. SECONDLY, a team of Quality Inspectors manually examine a Cigarette in different stages of production every 30 minutes. FINALLY, the Quality Testing Module scrutinizes Cigarette samples in the dedicated Quality control laboratory.